Camp Made New is a planned, much-needed rebuild of the kitchen/dining/washroom building.

Pictures of Building Progress below!

Bethel Bible Camp has been a place that has been effecting so many lives for over 7 generations. We are asking that you stand with us as we prepare for our upcoming renovation project so that Bethel can be a place that kids can come, feel safe and loved for another 7 generations.

Hello Bethel Community, 
 You are all invited to join us for our New Building Dedication Event. On July 23-24, we will be celebrating God’s faithfulness and provision to Bethel Bible Camp over the past 77 years. This will be a time when the Bethel Community can get together to see God’s generosity through his people, in providing the new building for camp that will help us share Jesus with campers for many more years. 
 There will be different activities taking place between Saturday evening to Sunday morning, with the option to spend the night at the camp and you are invited to join where you are able. 
4:00 pm – Arrival 
5:00 pm – Supper in the new Dining Hall 
6:00 pm – Camp Activities 
7:30 pm – Dedication Event
9:30 pm – Campfire 
9:00 am – Breakfast 
11:00 am – Church Service 
 Please RSVP here or on the website
 Email or call 587.938.6062 if you have any questions. 
 Blessed to be a blessing, 
      – Bethel Bible Camp Committee

If you have an questions about helping out or donating please feel free to contact us at

March 2022 Photos

December 2021 Photos

Chart for you to follow, seeing how much has been raised.

Below are some photos of the plans we have to date. If you feel led to help us in this, we would love for you to donate and to partner with us in prayer as well!