Camp Made New is a planned, much-needed rebuild of the kitchen/dining/washroom building.

Building Project: Pledge Form!

Bethel Bible Camp has been a place that has been effecting so many lives for over 7 generations. We are asking that you stand with us as we prepare for our upcoming renovation project so that Bethel can be a place that kids can come, feel safe and loved for another 7 generations.

Hello Bethel Supporters,

We are wanting to update on our ‘Camp Made New’ renovation project.

First I would like to say thank you for your patience as this process and some of our communications may have left some of you confused. We have had some ups and downs getting to today but I am so pleased to say WE HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT ON THIS PROJECT! I physically have papers in hand that allow us to move forward. God’s timing is perfect and He has made the impossible, possible once again. We thank you all for your prayers over these last few months, and even years in the making.

Next steps: God has moved a few mountains in reaching today, and now we are asking that you also come alongside and partner with us in this renovation. We need to raise $550,000. Any amount that you are willing to give is greatly appreciated (to give see links at the bottom of this email).

If you have made it this far into this message and are wondering what renovation project? Please go to our website to see the plans for renovating the Dining Hall building, and continue to check our website for updates on the ‘Camp Made New’ Project. Bethel also has a facebooktwitter, and Instagram page that will be adding regular updates as well.
The timeline for the completion of the project is dependent on funds and a few other factors. Renovation, Lord willing, will be occurring in 2021.

Please continue to pray with us in this time of change, and pass information along to friends and family you know who love and support Bethel as well. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Bethel via email anytime.

Amy Dupuis
On behalf of the Bethel Bible Camp Committee.

If you have an questions about helping out or donating please feel free to contact us at

Chart for you to follow, seeing how much has been raised.

Below are some photos of the plans we have to date. If you feel led to help us in this, we would love for you to donate and to partner with us in prayer as well!