Camp Made New is a planned, much-needed rebuild of the kitchen/dining/washroom building.

Building Project: Pledge Form!

Bethel Bible Camp has been a place that has been effecting so many lives for over 7 generations. We are asking that you stand with us as we prepare for our upcoming renovation project so that Bethel can be a place that kids can come, feel safe and loved for another 7 generations.

Hello Bethel Community,

I am writing today so thankful for this widespread community that makes up the Bethel Bible Camp family. “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 1:7

This last six months I have been humbled to see how each of you has come alongside a project that we, as a committee, feel necessary to the continued legacy of Bethel. Camp Made New has been in the works a long time and with the prayer and financial support that has poured in, we will be able to make this plan a reality. We have raised $549,970.42 of our $550,000 goal. God is good
This $550,000 was a quote created two years ago based on the preliminary designs we had in place for the build. Since we last contacted you we have been hard at work getting the design completed and ready for our builders. As many of you know the building industry has seen a huge increase in material costs this past year and that combined with code changes over the last couple years and a more precise dive into the scope of work needed has given us our updated quote of $725,000.

I know this may feel a little like we’ve reached the goal and now we’re moving the goal posts. I have struggled to find the words to relay this change, as I don’t want any of you to feel discouraged. When I look at the dollar value God has provided I am in awe of his precision. $30 from the total requested, and being honest a young camper already offered to pay that herself if it would make the difference. I am not someone who believes in chance but instead in an all-knowing God who loves and provides. This letter speaks a lot to the topic of money but I want to remind you this isn’t a legacy of profit or power or worldly success. But it’s one of welcome and belonging and grace and communal love centered around Jesus. We are asking you to invest in that legacy.
The Camp Made New Project is scheduled to begin August 15, 2021 and we are excited to see how God makes this project come to completion.

Prior to the project beginning we are praying fervently that camp will be filled with kids again this summer. The committee is moving forward with a plan to have day camps available and we encourage you to get more information of this summers schedule online.
May God bless you and keep you,
Amy Dupuis
On behalf of the Bethel Bible Camp Committee

If you have an questions about helping out or donating please feel free to contact us at

Chart for you to follow, seeing how much has been raised.

Below are some photos of the plans we have to date. If you feel led to help us in this, we would love for you to donate and to partner with us in prayer as well!