(this page will be updated by each Monday)

In order to secure our plan for the building (starting to build in August) We need to reach 2/3 of our funds by March 1 ($370, 000) WE REACHED OUR MARCH 1ST GOAL!!

You have the opportunity to buy* parts of the building to help us reach our goal. As items are purchased they will be darkened below!

*(the money you donate will not necessarily be used in these areas, but this is to give you a better visual of how it will be used)

You can specify in your donation what your funds will represent (ie. Plates, windows…)

NOTE: the items below represent what we need to reach our final goal!

Curtains = $10 Each (200 of 200 pieces)

Mops = $20 Each (200 pieces)

Pots & Pans = $50 Each (200 pieces)

Sinks = $75 Each (100 pieces)

Showers = $100 Each (50 pieces)

Mirrors = $200 Each (50 pieces)

Counters = $500 Each (50 pieces)

Ovens = $1000 Each (20 pieces)