Over the past year the cost of building materials has increased, and so our quote has been updated to match current costs. read more here!
It has been exciting to see God’s faithfulness, and we are so excited as he continues to provide for us.

You have the opportunity to buy* parts of the building to help us reach our goal. As items are purchased they will be darkened below!

*(the money you donate will not necessarily be used in these areas, but this is to give you a better visual of how it will be used)

You can specify in your donation what your funds will represent (ie. Plates, windows…)

NOTE: the items below represent what we need to reach our final goal!

Salt & Pepper = $10 Each (45/ 700 pieces left)

Cups = $20 Each (100/ 500 pieces)

Bowls = $50 Each (50/200 pieces)

Towels = $75 Each (50/200 pieces)

Cooking Utensils = $100 Each (50/150 pieces)

Paint = $200 Each (10/150 pieces)

Paint brush and paint canister line icon vector illustration. Home decoration and interior symbol.

Kitchen Appliances = $500 Each (5/100 pieces)

Refrigerator = $1000 Each (2/30 pieces)