Intermediate camp is a week long camp for anyone entering Gr 6 & 7. Intermediate camp is a fast paced, fun time spent in the company of your friends and counsellors. You will take part in chapel, sports, singing, activities, bible discovery and more! Come be a part of the fun, friends and life in Christ. We can’t wait to see you there!

2020 Intermediate Camp date:

July 19 – July 24

When does Intermediate Camp start?

Registration is from 5-5:45 pm on Sunday night.

It is important that you remain as part of the camp program until that time as the campers are expected to clean up the cabin and camp for the next camp. It is necessary for you to leave early, or to leave for a few hours during the week, please talk to the administrator in advance. If you are unable to be there for the whole time, we may ask you to give up your spot to someone on the waiting list who can be there for the complete session.

When does Intermediate Camp end?

Sign out is at 4pm on Friday. Please be early and on time to pick your child up!

How old do you have to be to go to Intermediate Camp?

Entering grades 6-7