Acceptance lists for Senior High Camp will be updated as we find more staff. The accepted list consists of those that are fully accepted. The PENDING acceptance list are those who will be accepted once we have more staff. The wait list are those who will be accepted if others can no longer make it, since we only accept 30 campers.

30 / 30

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Melody Elkes
Brie Roberts
Addison Roberts
Emaline Devries
Emilia Davies
Edrea Davies
Brooklyn Reynolds
Aria Wierenga
Jessica Fokkema
Rebekah De Boer
Abigail De Boer
Taylor McNallie
Madilyn McNallie
Breya Kearley
Kara Lawrence
Abigail Banks
Emma Henry
Ava Henry
Cadence Semler
Dava Semler
Leah Baier
Thea Von Rennenkampff
Mio Von Rennenkampff
Pippa Von Renbenkampff


Keegan Anderson
Marcus Lefebvre
Lucas Blackmere
Wesley Samborski
Isaiah Fokkema
Nathaniel Kaufman

Wait List

Paige Fleming
Laura Mcbride
Gavin Properzi
Dixon Properzi
Theo Cross
Abel Cross
Elliott Anthony
Donny Fleming