Demo Prep work Day August 21!

Saturday – August 21 (9am)
Come & bring a lunch!

We are removing working appliances from a summer camp building that is being rebuilt. Saturday Aug 21 at 9am we will begin cleaning the building out. If you are interested in any of the appliances come out and make an offer and bring a suitable vehicle to haul it away. Located 15min west of westlock.

Raised Money!

Thank you for your patience, prayer and support! God is faithful & His timing is perfect! — WE HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT ON THE BUILDING PROJECT! 

Due to the increase in material costs this past year we have an updated quote of $725, 000.

please read more above!

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Bethel is a camp that has chooses to run on support of our community whether through prayer, financially, volunteering or in other ways.

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Camp Made New

Camp Made New



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