Please be aware – Bethel Bible Camp screens all our volunteers through four methods:

1) Staff Application (for all staff)

WHAT IS A STAFF APPLICATION? – The Bethel Bible camp staff application form consists of three parts –  1) what camps you wish to serve at 2) a self declaration of the reasons you desire to serve at camp, your Christian testimony and statement of faith, and 3) your agreement to conduct yourself as a Christian role model to campers,  in accordance with camp rules and regulations and in submission to the direction of camp administration and directors.

SUBMIT TO CAMP ADMINISTRATION – Your staff application form must be submitted to Camp Administration prior to your being approved as staff.

VALIDITY – Staff applications must be completed each year you are applying to work at camp

Online application can be accessed at: Online Staff Application Form

or a PDF copy is avalible to be printed and filled in~  BBC Staff Application Form (email to, or mail to Bethel Bible Camp)

2) Criminal Records Check (for all those 16 years and older)

WHAT IS A CRC? - A criminal records check helps verify that those individuals have do not have a criminal record that may be of concern for serving in the position(s) being applied for. Applicants are screened through the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database.

PAYMENT - . If payment is required for you to obtain a criminal records check then inform the screening station that Bethel Bible Camp is part of the Volunteer Organizations approved list for the RCMP and police. This allows those who would normally have to pay for a reference check to receive one at either a cost savings or no cost depending on your local policing station policies

VULNERABLE SECTOR MUST BE INCLUDED - When obtaining a criminal records check be sure to include “vulnerable sector” check as youth are present at camp.

LETTER REQUIRED - Your police station may require a letter from Bethel Bible Camp in order to complete your application. Please contact the administrator if a letter is needed.

SUBMIT TO CAMP ADMINISTRATION – Your approved criminal records check must be submitted to Camp Administration prior to your being approved as staff.

VALIDITY - Criminal records checks are valid for three years from the date of issue.


Get Your CRC

3) Character Reference Check (for all staff)

WHAT IS A CHARACTER REFERENCE CHECK? – A character reference check is a personal assessment of a staff applicant. The check is completed by someone the applicant chooses  to provide information to camp administration about who they are as a person.

WHY HAVE A CHARACTER REFERENCE CHECK? - Reference Checks can provide camp administration with valuable insight to the integrity, character, background and personal qualities of a staff.  This is especially important as Bethel is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment for all campers.

HOW MANY CHARACTER REFERENCES MUST BE COMPLETED – At minimum, each staff applicant must provide two references who may be contacted by the administration to determine whether you will be approved to serve at camp. Additionally, at least one of your references must complete a Character reference form and submit to camp administration prior to your approval as staff.


Character Reference Form

A PDF copy can be printed and submitted in person or by emailing Tabitha Raju at  BBC Staff Character Reference Form

Or submit online: Character Reference Form

4) Counsellor Training Program (CTP) (for all new staff counsellor applicants)

This is a camp for those who would like to learn what it means to be a counselor! See Counsellor Training Program information to learn more about what this camp entails.