WHAT IS CTP? – CTP is an intense week of learning, growing and hands on training to guide new counsellor applicants in how to be a camp counsellor at Bethel Bible Camp. Training includes sessions on devotions, prayer, communication, discipline and more. It is an important part of BBC’s counsellor development program guiding new staff to become men and women serving God and bringing others to Christ.

WHO IS CTP FOR? – To attend CTP the staff applicant must be entering Grade 10 and above. The week is recommended for anyone desiring to be a camp counsellor, however, in practice is mainly attended by those under age 25. New counselling applicants who are older are encouraged, but not required to attend CTP.

DOES EVERYONE PASS IF THEY ATTEND? – CTP is an opportunity for new staff counselling applicants to understand what being a counsellor requires and the expectations that come with the position. It is also an opportunity for staff to be assessed as to their readiness to become part of the counselling staff for that year. In some cases, applicants are encouraged to wait until the following year(s) to serve as counsellors.